They say that Paris is the city of love, but they say that because they did not see my city of love, my Sarajevo.
Every street in Sarajevo tells its own story. This is not a city with a beautiful history. There was a war, but my Sarajevo did not surrender. Everybody fought till the end; they fought for their freedom, their city and their families. A city that has brave and strong sons, who defend it. Some have lost everything defending their pride and their city. This same war made that Sarajevo get our Romeo and Juliet, famous couple Bosko and Admira. Their love was like a movie story.

We may not be much proud of the past, but we live the present in Sarajevo. This city can be compared with one big house where there is room for all of us. There is room for Muslims, Catholics, Orthodox. We are all under the same sky, we are all in the same Sarajevo.

We are proud when we see large number of tourists in our city. They admire our Seher, our Sarajevo. It’s hard to describe the feeling when you see that the mosque and the church are built next to each other. People look at each other with a smile on the face. Your soul become filled with joy when you hear the call to prayer from the musks and bells from churches and cathedrals in the same time.

You can feel the soul of Sarajevo when you’re listening at noon call to prayer from the musk and church bells, drink the famous Bosnian coffee with lokum, taking the smoke from your cigarette. We have always been proud of Bosnian cuisine, the best cevapcici in “Zeljo”, the famous cabbage rolls and homemade bread out of mother’s kitchen. All this can be eventually sweeten with hurmasica or tufahija. Passing cobblestone, you get overwhelmed by the smell of fresh fried Bosnian coffee.
We can proudly talk about the beautiful bridges, buildings and historical museums. If you climb on the hill overlooking Sarajevo and with smile can say: “How many of us are there, Mashalah.” We must mention the greatest love in this city, love of football clubs Sarajevo and Zeljeznicar. There always have been and always will be a stories about which club is better and who is stronger, but they all look the blue sky and trough their veins flow the blood of the same color.

Medjuseljac Aida, VIII-1
Primary School “Dobroševići”